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After having a Costco membership for 5 years now, I have unlocked a whole lot more than bulk groceries. With the super warehouse constantly changing and expanding their offerings, my list each year grows on what I like to buy and why.


I do not believe every single thing at Costco is worth it and nor do I have room for it all. For example, we probably use a handful of paper plates a year. Even if it gives me a significant cost saving, I do not have the room to store 400 paper plates or 1000 disposable cups. You may not have space for three 3 lbs. bags of frozen fruits. Perhaps you will never get through 5 lbs. of rice before it spoils. Maybe it is still cheaper for you use a coupon at Target. I pick and choose according to my budget, ability to use/prevent waster, shelf life, and room to store.


This is definitely not a sponsored post by Costco but my goal for this blog is to help get you to your healthiest self. Saving time, money, and staying well stocked with good choices is key! Honestly, more trips to the store that I have to make, the more likely I am to buy impulsively not to mention the time spent better some other way. We actually do know several single individuals who live alone that are members!


We initially had the basic membership but upgraded because the 2% return back (up to $750/year) we receive has paid for the membership and more.


I went around like a peculiar foreign tourist taking photos at Costco yesterday just for you.



IMG_5546 IMG_5545 IMG_5544 IMG_5543 IMG_5542 IMG_5541

-Movie tickets for Regal and AMC theaters

-Restaurant and attraction gift cards/tickets

-Family prescription eyeglasses

-Hybrid bicycle

-Vacations including airfare, airport transfers, 4-5 star luxury hotels/resorts, excursions, rental cars, cruises

-My favorite natural and environmentally friendly laundry detergent


-An extra refrigerator

-Big screen television

-Vitamix model 6300 programmable blender which came with an extensive cookbook

-Toys and games that are in Costco exclusive sets including extras



-Bedroom dresser

-Upholstered headboard

-Always the cheapest local gas price


-Brand name and quality clothing, coats and jackets, workout wear, bathing suits, pajamas, under garments, socks


-Pet products like flea & tick prevention medicine, treats, dental supplements, dog beds

IMG_5572 IMG_5571

-Over the counter medications and vitamins although their is also a pharmacy

-Beauty, hair, and body products such as EOS lip balm and Kirkland(store brand) paraben-free lotion and Honest brand’s natural kids’ items like body wash and sunscreen

-Epsom salts

-Holiday gift sets, gourmet imported chocolates


These tortillas do have more ingredients than I would ideally like and sprouted tortillas are healthier. But they are a good go-to tortilla that is soy-free(hard to find), whole grain, and soft.

IMG_5579 IMG_8298 IMG_5576

The nuts and seeds come in large quantities but encourage me to incorporate them generously into my family’s daily diet such as in smoothies, yogurt, cereal, and overnight oats.


Rich source of plant protein, omega 3, and far better price than health food stores.

IMG_0791 IMG_5575IMG_5573

$7 for a 3 pack of this nutritious butter


These burgers are very tasty but tender. Better in a pan on the stove than on the grill.


One of my sweeteners for smoothies and a key ingredient in homemade bars and some desserts.


Our favorite gluten free crackers which are way more expensive at Whole Foods.


Again, a lot more for a lot less.

IMG_5561 IMG_5562 IMG_5563 IMG_5565 IMG_5569

So much frozen fruit for smoothies!

IMG_5568 IMG_5567



BEST tasting store bought sauce EVER. And check out the real ingredients.

IMG_5559 IMG_5558 IMG_5557 IMG_5556 IMG_5555

So many organic greens for salads and smoothies!

IMG_5553 IMG_5551 IMG_5549 IMG_5593 IMG_5589

$15.99 for the equivalent of 3 standard sized jars of coconut oil. To see why I use it, read here and for my Best “Buttery” Popcorn Ever recipe here.

IMG_5586 IMG_5585




Pure vanilla extract wins over and over again in consumer tests.

IMG_5584 IMG_5578 IMG_5577 IMG_5574 IMG_5560



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  • Erin August 25, 2015, 12:37 pm

    You know… I have a Sam’s membership. But seeing how many more organic options there are at Costco is really making me want to change my membership….!

    • Rajul August 25, 2015, 3:43 pm

      I used to be a BJ’s member because we lived much closer to that store than to Costco. But my next door neighbor was a Costco member and found even just a monthly trip helpful!

  • Melissa August 30, 2015, 4:59 pm

    Thank you so much for for posting this!! We go to Bjs because it’s much closer, but the same Horizon string cheese is $3.00 more per package there. It seems like Costco offers a lot more organic options in general. I may have to make the drive to Raleigh!!

    • Rajul September 9, 2015, 11:16 pm

      You totally should Melissa! Let me know 🙂

  • ruchi September 1, 2015, 11:43 pm

    This was really helpful! I didn’t know about movie tickets and vacations. Thanks Rajul!

    • Rajul September 2, 2015, 9:39 pm

      Yes, great deals! Our cruise was not only cheaper but came with a $$$ Costco gift card and our trip to the D.R. included so much!

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