I became drawn to smoothies, particularly those with greens, in 2012 after reading about them on the internet and then buying the book, Green Smoothie Revolution by Victoria Boutenko. One thing I learned is that it was important to break down the cell walls of your produce to unleash the fullest nutritional potential and for better absorption. Smoothies have been an efficient way for our family to get many servings of fruits and vegetables a day. In addition to all the nutrients, green smoothies are alkalizing which in turn lowers the risk of many disease processes which cannot survive in that environment. Smoothies can be conducive to nearly any diet too. This of course led to lots of blender research and I chose to get a Vitamix. I was lucky in that this was gifted to me but I was fully ready to invest in one. Aside from the aforementioned science, I wanted the a machine powerful enough to fully pulverize larger pieces of frozen fruit and ice quickly and smoothly. It is too bad that I don’t receive commission from Vitamix after convincing literally a dozen other people to purchase one! The best “deal” (still an arm and a leg) is Costco where you can get a basic model for around $350 and the programmable 6300 model for $500; cookbooks included with both. I have the 6300 which also makes frozen desserts and hot soup. Excluding trips, I have used it 5-7 days a week since getting it in December 2012!

  • Soul & Soreness Soothing: Yoga, Epsom Salts, Smoothie Bowls

    I did a social and splurge shift between Thursday and Friday. I spent Thursday night indulging in ramen, and Friday I dared to participate in a yoga boot camp type workshop at Y2 Yoga. It was hard but many modifications were provided. Drenched is an understatement of how we all were at the end! I really enjoyed the [...]

  • ABC Mango Vanilla Smoothie Pops

    Your kids (and you!) can cool off with this frozen treat without a sugar crash and while getting oodles of good-for-you fruit, fiber, and vitamins in these Apple Berry Cinnamon Mango Vanilla Pops.   These *silicone pop making sleeves are much easier to pour your liquid into and unlike a popsicle, less drips and clean up. *(I originally [...]

  • Superfoods Smoothie

    I created this smoothie a day after I returned from travel and desperately needed to reinstate some health. It is clean and mild without any one strong flavor. Included are some of my favorite things that I consider to be superfoods. Greens: mix of baby kale, baby spinach, and baby swiss chard (folate, iron, calcium, vitamins) [...]

  • Replenishing Apricot Green Smoothie

    I find joy in the abundance of fruits which are in season this time of year. I love all of the stone fruits but I am not as familiar with fresh apricots. They caught my daughter's eye at the grocery store and into the cart they went. I like how the apricots ripened much faster [...]

  • Blueberry Mango Smoothie

    I almost always make my smoothie for the next day the night prior. That way it is ready to go and I have no excuses. I have no idea why I have that motivation at the end of the day instead of at the start of the next! One way I like to leave a [...]

  • You Are My Sunshine Smoothie

    This smoothie works well as a treat when the little ones are tired of toast, English muffins, cereals, cut up fruit, yogurt, and nutrition bars and it's pleasing to me as a mom sneaking in so many nutrients helping them start their day off strong! Full of vitamin C, A, iron, fiber, protein, omega-3, and [...]

  • Cleansing Smoothie

    Given it is a holiday weekend, I thought I would provide you with a quick smoothie idea which can healthily curb your appetite while providing oodles of nutrients and some hydration before you partake in celebrating the 4th of July OR so you can start your morning off with it. Basically, this smoothie can either [...]

  • Almond Butter Fig Smoothie

    Frozen figs are a great option for sweetening up a smoothie when I am looking for a change from bananas or dried dates. They are rather large and contain a lot of flavor so although there are not many in the bag, one is enough for two servings of a smoothie. Most of my weekday [...]

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